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Surface Centre Slitter Rewinder SLR07
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Kalpvrux is dedicated to innovate and design to the highest international standard converting equipment.

SLR 07 is specially designed for Films & Paper which needs bigger reel diameter reel after slitting operation. Widely used by converters for LDPE & paper slitting. It can handle most difficult light gauge films as well as thick substrate like Paper.

SLR 07 is equipped with high level of automation for consistent Quality of slitted reels & user-friendly operation

BOPP, BOPA , BOPET,PET , LDPE –Plain , printed, coated or metallised (20 mic -200 Mic) paper & coated Paper -30 -200 gsm

  Metric Imperial
Web Width 1250 mm/1650 mm 49” / 65”
Unwind Reel Diameter 1000 mm 40”
Unwind Core ID 76 mm , 152 mm 3” , 6”
Speed 400 mpm 1310 fpm
Rewind Reel Diameter 800 mm 32”
Minimum Slit width 100 mm 4”
Rewind Core ID 76 mm, 152 mm (Option) 3” , 6” (Option)

Main Features
  • Heavy duty integrated unwind with floor lifting
  • Unwind Tension Control with pneumatic brake
  • Digital Edge Guide Control
  • Frictionless Dancer for Precise Tension Control
  • Various Slitting Method –razor ,rotary or shear
  • Digital Servo Technology
  • Touch screen Interface for ease of operation
Optional Features
  • Static eliminators
  • Motorised unwind

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